The GAP Episode 26 – Acronyms Ahoy

This week we talk failed MP launches, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII, AVP and Battlefield Bad Company 2. Our discussion topic is how important it is for a game to be easy to get into – specifically how easy a story is to pick up in a sequel. We also discuss the IW debacle, Atkinson’s contributions to certain funds and Ubisoft’s DRM woes. Make sure you vote for Shane Murray in the EB Games competition!

As always, there’s no consensus to be had! The latest Episode is longer to make up for Episode 25’s length – as always a strong language warning is in effect!

Shoutouts head out to Eskimo, Nemesii and Quake legend Edgecrusher (porkcrusher).

The GAP Episode 26 – Acronyms Ahoy

Links from this week’s cast…
Shane Murray is Australia’s Biggest FF Fan!

The GAP is brought to you by GameArena



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