The GAP Episode 24 – Heavy Rain and DRM

On The GameArena Podcast this week we replace Jae with Rohan Harris (again) to talk DRM issues, Heavy Rain, Silent Hunter 5 and the single player Battlefield Bad Company 2 experience. Our discussion topic is which game beta it would take to get us to buy a game we didn’t want at all. Joaby rants about Lego Plush Dolls and some tool who can’t help but blame video games for all his problems.

Game On for next week will be Quake 3 Arena (perhaps with OSP mod) – we’ll post server details here as soon as we have some! Downloading The GAP from GameArena is unmetered – if you subscribe on iTunes it will count towards your cap! This episode lasts 2 hours 15 or so – and as always, The GAP has a strong language warning.

The GAP Episode 24 – Heavy Rain and DRM

Discussed this episode
The video mentioned in the rant
Lego Plush Dolls



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